All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth Lyrics and music by Don Gardner in the 1940's.

Christmas Songs Lyrics

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth


Everybody stops and stares at me
These two teeth are gone as you can see

I don't know just who to blame for this catastrophe

But my one wish on Chr
ls+mas Eve is as plain as it can be.



All I want for Chris+mas is my 2 front teeth,
My 2 front
See my 2 front teeth

Gee, if I could only have my 2 front +eeth,
Then I could wish you 'Merry Chr

It seems so long since I could say,
"Sister Susie sitting on a thistle"
Gosh oh gee, how happy I'd be,
If I could only whistle ( thhh-thhh )






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